What Is Fight or Flight?

Your heart rate speeds up … your blood pressure soars … your breathing gets shallow … your palms start sweating … your mind begins to spin … sounds familiar? These are all normal symptoms of the acute stress response commonly known as fight or flight. The next two things I say shouldn’t surprise you: 1. Our culture […]

It’s All About the Exhale

Oxygen is the most important element to us humans—far more important than even food and water. After all, we can go for days without water and some can go weeks without food. Humans can’t go more than a few minutes without air. What many people don’t realize though, is that there are different ways you […]

9 Reasons to Hit “Pause”

I’ve been a fast mover for as long as I can remember. My mind moves fast and my body follows. I get things done quickly, and finding efficiencies and shortcuts in work and life brings me great satisfaction. The thing I’m not good at is taking a break—or even just a short pause between moments. […]