Why Are You So Busy?

I know you’re busy. We all are… The question though, is WHY. How did we evolve into such busy creatures? Are we so busy because we really have so much to do? Or are we busy because it makes us feel important? Or because we’re avoiding something? Americans are especially obsessed with this idea of […]

How to Say No with Grace and Diplomacy

In a recent post, I wrote all about the importance of using the two-letter word: No. It’s not easy, that’s for sure—especially when you’re genuinely interested in something. But when there’s no time, space, or energy for it, NO is the smartest way to go. For a detailed explanation of why adding the word “no” […]

How to Boost Your Productivity with EQ

When you boost your emotional Intelligence, or EQ, you also increase the quality of your relationships, your memory, your learning capacity, your physical and mental health, and your productivity. This may seem like a stretch—on the surface, emotions don’t seem to be relevant to productivity. But research will tell you otherwise—EQ plays a significant role […]