Era of Mass Distraction

We are living in a world that doesn’t really support mindfulness. We are building technology that doesn’t support us staying in the present moment. And somehow … we as a society aren’t complaining about this. Let me ask you a few questions … Do you feel anxious when you can’t find your phone—even if it […]

You Are Not the Voice in Your Mind

As humans, we have at least 50,000 thoughts every day, which means we have a new thought approximately every 1.2 seconds. This human condition is often referred to as the monkey mind, and it can make us feel like we’re crazy. Buddhists gave our minds this nickname and defined it as “unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; […]

How to De-stress in 5 Minutes or Less

It takes much less than five minutes to get stressed out. Spilling coffee on your dress shirt right before a meeting, misplacing your iPhone, watching your favorite sports team get defeated, fighting with your kids—stress can show up in a flash when you least expect it, even when your day seemed to be going well […]

Video: How to Achieve More By Doing Less

Dr. Christine Carter, sociologist, researcher, and happiness expert at the University of California, Berkeley, offers some practical advice on managing the busy mode of our culture. It works for her—a mother of four, established author, and successful career woman—and she has a solid case backed by scientific research, that it will work for you, too. […]

10 Rules for New Meditators

When you first decide to explore meditation, the practice can seem overwhelming. The dozens of meditation styles can make the basic steps sound far more complicated than they actually are. If you’re new, step back from all of the details and embrace these ten rules. They’ll guide the basic foundation for your meditations and answer […]

How to Take a Technology Break

Mindful moments shouldn’t only come during your meditations. One of the reasons we create a meditation practice is to cultivate more mindful moments throughout the rest of our day, too. But there are a number of things that get in the way of maintaining that feeling of inner peace all day long. And one of […]

The Art of Mindful Listening

There is a distinct difference between hearing and listening. By the book, hearing is defined as “the act of receiving sound or information by the ear.” While listening is defined as “the act of paying attention to sound, hearing something with thoughtful attention, or paying attention to someone or something in order to hear and […]