10 Rules for New Meditators

When you first decide to explore meditation, the practice can seem overwhelming. The dozens of meditation styles can make the basic steps sound far more complicated than they actually are. If you’re new, step back from all of the details and embrace these ten rules. They’ll guide the basic foundation for your meditations and answer […]

How to Take a Technology Break

Mindful moments shouldn’t only come during your meditations. One of the reasons we create a meditation practice is to cultivate more mindful moments throughout the rest of our day, too. But there are a number of things that get in the way of maintaining that feeling of inner peace all day long. And one of […]

Turn Down the Radio

Ever feel like you move through your day to the soundtrack of constant chatter? Like you’re listening to a permanent radio stream of your least favorite station? It’s called mind chatter. Monkey mind. Inner gossip. And it’s part of being human. Everyone experiences the monkey mind to some degree, but for many of us, “noise” […]