You like simple beauty, quiet moments, and being connected with nature. You are already on your path to finding inner strength and awareness, but always looking to awaken at a deeper level. Your practice is consistent, your diet is healthy and simple, and you are drawn to spending a week diving into the depths of your soul.

Retreat Recommendation

It’s time to step your meditation practice up a notch at a silent retreat. Here are some options …

  • Michael Stone is one of my favorite meditation teachers, and he hosts several silent retreats each year. Check out his teachings and information about his retreats here.
  • Sprit Rock is an insight meditation center located in northern California. Check out their schedule of silent retreats.
  • Insight Meditation Society is the Western world’s oldest and most-respected meditation retreat centers, located in Massachusetts. They have a full calendar of silent retreats offered throughout the year. See retreat schedule.

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