You’re strong, fit and a total bad-ass. You can keep up with all the Chaturangas in class, and peak poses are your favorite. You love the physical practice of yoga because you get a solid workout, but also love how it calms your mind. For you, the more you sweat, the better the class. And the more the instructor challenges you, the happier you are when you leave.

Retreat Recommendations

A week of power yoga is for you. Here are some options …

  • Bryan Kest and his team of awesome teachers are leading power yoga retreats in Turkey and Mexico this year. Bryan Kest is an LA-based yoga instructor that will whip you into shape. I always leave the classes at his studio feeling energized and sweaty. Surely, these will be an unforgettable, butt-kickin’ weeks. Details.
  • Rumor has it, YogaWorks retreats are sweaty and challenging. Check out their retreat schedule to see if something sparks an interest: YogaWorks Retreats

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