Mindful Leadership

A Handbook for Leaders to Keep Calm in Times of Stress

This mindful leadership eBook will help any leader navigate today's chaotic environments with a more mindful mindset. Packed with practical steps you can take — starting today — to manage the volatile and uncertain times in your work and life with more ease.

Plus, 10 exercises and practices to succeed in stressful times


Discover mindful leadership tips to increase your capacity for stress

Get tools to help you navigate uncertainty and chaos with ease

Explore the 5C Leadership Framework

10 exercises and practices to help you succeed in difficult environments


A Well-Written and Actionable Book for Leaders

During COVID, I’ve had a hard time staying present for my team and organization. This e-book provided me with some helpful tools and daily practices that I still use for being a more mindful leader. I would recommend reading it; it's a well-written and actionable e-book for leaders. It inspired a lot of insight and healthy change for me personally and professionally, and put me on a more level-headed and conscious path forward. I recommended it to some of my employees and colleagues as well.

This practical handbook is packed with useful tips and advice on how to lead in chaos. Mindful Leadership: A Handbook for Leaders to Keep Calm in Times of Stress will help you create some stability in otherwise groundless and stressful situations and circumstances. It highlights mindfulness exercises that are easy to do at work, as well as worksheets to improve your leadership capacities. Everyone in the world today knows how difficult it is to live and lead with uncertainty and volatility, so download the Mindful Leadership eBook today!

Available in PDF format

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