If you’re looking for tips on how to start a meditation practice or meditations to spice up your practice, look no further. This guide to has it all.

From seasonally-themed meditations to practical advice for the beginning meditator, keep this guide on-hand for reference.

Searching for mini meditations or bite-sized meditations for when you’re too busy? Want to learn more about loving-kindness meditations? Need ideas to help calm your mind when you’re flying? How about a post-work meditation, a practice to calm your racing mind or an exercise for when you’re over-the-top stressed?

On the practical side, you can learn how to build a consistent practice, how to find time to meditate, and start with the 10 rules for new meditators.

We also feature a comprehensive overview of 11 meditation styles and techniques explained and mythbusters to clear up the misunderstandings that often confuse beginners.

Bottom line, Mindful Minutes is all about mindfulness and meditation, and how to make it work for you and your life. Dive in and explore.

intimacy meditation

Intimacy With the Present Moment

By Melissa Eisler

Consistent focus and presence is difficult in the digital age that we live in. How do you figure out how to stay present with what is right in front of you? Try this simple practice.

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To Wear a Watch, or Not to Wear a Watch…

By Melissa Eisler

Today, it’s common for cell phones to replace watches. The problem is then we end up checking our cell phones more than we would if we had worn a watch. Learn more about the pros and cons to wearing a watch.

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follow the leader

How to Explain Mindful Breathing to a 5-Year Old (and Adults, Too)

By Melissa Eisler

Kids are amazing. I teach yoga and meditation to kids undergoing treatment for cancer, and their families. On Saturday, I had a particularly interesting conversation with a 5-year old, and taught he and his father a simple way to practice mindfulness.

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stop sign

Step One: Stop

By Melissa Eisler

Try this mantra to help you slow down and ease into the present moment. Starting with just five minutes a day, you can begin on your path to be more mindful in your day.

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