A Meditation to Get Your Goals Back on Track

You started the year with great intentions, boundless energy, and ambitious goals. Yet, today you may find yourself back at square one. And on top of that, you’re beating yourself up for the lack of progress. If you’ve veered off your path, it’s not too late to get back on track. Follow these two simple steps, including a meditation for self-compassion.

Create Your Own Loving Kindness Meditation

The Mettā, or Maitrī, meditation is a loving-kindness practice. Mettā is the Pali word, Maitrī is the Sanskrit word, literally translating to mean unconditional friendliness to oneself and others. The practice is ancient and stems from the Buddhist tradition of cultivating compassion. But really, a Mettā practice need not be affiliated to any religion, culture […]

How to Find Time to Meditate

“When people say to me, ‘I don’t have time to meditate.’ I reply, ‘Do you have time to feel like crap?’” ~Gabrielle Bernstein Our culture fuels the busy badge, where people proudly proclaim that they’re too busy to do the things they should and want to be doing. But the truth is—we make time for […]

Quiz: What Kind of Retreat Is Right for You?

You’re probably reading this because you need a break from the grind and you have an interest in furthering your yoga or meditation practice. Maybe you’ve just dabbled and want to learn more, or perhaps you’ve been practicing for years. Either way, a retreat is a great way to dive in, disconnect from the distractions […]