Benefits of Mindfulness

Want to enhance your capacity to focus, cope with stress, and connect with people? Practicing mindfulness in your daily life can do these things and many more. This page contains articles discussing the scientific benefits of mindfulness and meditation, real-life examples of how mindfulness has benefited successful individuals, and case studies discussing the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of having a mindfulness practice.

The benefits of mindfulness trace back thousands of years, but research has just started popping up in the last several decades on how effective mindfulness can be in bringing about personal and professional improvements in one’s life, and creating positive changes in health, attitudes, behaviors, and moods.

If you’re looking to increase your emotional intelligence, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, and build your self-monitoring capacity, mindfulness can help. From reducing stress to calling in creativity, learn about the wide range of benefits of mindfulness and meditation – and get tips on how to weave them into your life.


To Wear a Watch, or Not to Wear a Watch…

By Melissa Eisler

Today, it’s common for cell phones to replace watches. The problem is then we end up checking our cell phones more than we would if we had worn a watch. Learn more about the pros and cons to wearing a watch.

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