About This Blog

Let me start by saying that I am by no means an expert on the subject of mindfulness or meditation. But I do have a daily practice, and I’m eager to learn more. The intention of this blog is to share information that I’ve learned—and continue to learn—on how to live a mindful life, despite having a demanding schedule.

To reiterate, my qualifications to blog on mindfulness are mediocre. But the perspective I have to share is interesting: I’ve spent the last 10 years working more-than-full-time corporate jobs, while attempting to maintain a mindful, compassionate, patient presence. I did not always succeed, but I learned many valuable lessons.

My main roles in life are as a content creator/strategist and a yoga instructor. My yoga and meditation practice has taught me to keep calm while under deadlines, before presentations, during corporate restructures and other stressful situations. Aside from working 55-60 hours a week in corporate America, I have always had a lot on my plate, between a consistent workout routine, regular volunteer work, songwriting and a lively social life. So I understand what it means to be busy.

My experience with mindfulness and meditation began with yoga, which became a consistent part of my life in 2004. This developed into a daily yoga, pranayama and meditation practice, that ranges from 10 minutes to two hours each morning. My knowledge mostly comes from teachers I’ve worked with and leaders I’ve followed. My bookshelf is stocked with books on psychology, meditation, energy work, yoga and other healing modalities, and my podcast feed is full of lessons from meditation masters and business leaders.

I plan to use my curious nature and journalistic background to interview people I find knowledgeable in this subject and write about it. I plan to research, go on retreats, take workshops and classes, and share with you, what I find useful and interesting on the subject of mindfulness…and how to bring it into your life even if you think you don’t have time.

Who Should Read This Blog?

This blog is not just for those searching for spirituality. Nor is it specifically for corporate suits curious about meditation. My hope is that the blog resonates with a variety of people who find common ground in having an interest in mindful living … and a lot going on in their lives.

As a yoga teacher, my favorite thing is connecting with different people. My students range from dedicated yogis to worker-bees in corporate America to kids and families undergoing treatment for cancer. It might seem difficult to explain mindfulness and spiritual concepts to such different types of people. But meeting people where they are—and figuring out how to reach them, help them, and connect with them—is my mission.

We are all busy … It’s almost a disease in our country. I overused the word for many years, and I’m not proud of that. You may be considering whether you can spare a few minutes each day for some space and silence … whether it would help you …

I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it. And you have time for it. Through bite-size blogs with practical tidbits on how to keep calm in the midst of an overflowing calendar, I’m hoping I can help. And I hope you enjoy learning alongside me.

To read more about me, visit my bio page.